Out of nowhere, there was a blast that resounded through the trees…

The city lays in ruins…the great theater, the city hall, even the star port was destroyed.

Stormtrooper Patrols secure the area. Only Special Forces CL75+ are allowed enter by order of the Emperor due to Rebel attacks. Imperial intel confirms, that a Rebels Terrorist Attack was responsible for initiating the explosion. Their goal seems to be to take the city and recover Imperial technology left overs.

------------------------------------a decrypted rebel alliance transmission---------------------------------

..."The Star Core, that's what exploded, it was only in the development stage and good thing, too, or this moon would be about half the size it is currently. Fortunately, the reaction was limited to a radius slightly smaller than the city. It's supposed to be a new type of power supply that can run practically an entire planet.... or even worse, another Death Star! Our job is to gather whatever information we can about it and try to destroy it – or better yet, develop it for use against the Empire."....

----------------------------------------------------end of transmission-------------------------------------------

 Visit your Imperial Commendation Officer to do duty missions in Restuss. Your effort will be rewarded with lots of recommendation medals to buy perks  (@ 5976, 5642)

CM Dead Bolt PistolLevel 75
Skill Mods
+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
CM Frag Storm Heavy ShotgunLevel 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
CM Reaper Sniper RifleLevel 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
Crusader M-XIII CarbineLevel 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
Crusader M-XIII CarbineLevel 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
Crusader M-XIV Rifle Level 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
Crusader M-XX Heavy Rifle Level 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
Crusader Templar Sword Level 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range
Nova Edge Sword Level 75
Skill Mods

+5 CON
+10 PRE
Base DPSEle.
Ele. Dmg Range


Chapter 9 includes a number of new collections, including the first PvP collections in Star Wars Galaxies! The Galactic Civil War collections in Chapter 9 reward combatants for participating in the fight against the Rebellion.

Player vs. Player Collections

Rebels and Imperials who defeat their opponents in the Galactic Civil War have a chance to receive a collection item upon victory.

Collecting "kills" of your fallen foes in Player vs. Player combat activates the Patch Collection or Rank Collection, which are new slayer collections in Chapter 9.

Collecting Patches

Imperials must collect ten patches from their defeated enemies in order to complete the Alliance Patch Collection. Completing this collection rewards you with an insignia of the Empire.

Not only can these insignias be used for decoration, you can consume each insignia to earn Galactic Civil War faction points at any time. Use the radial menu on the Imperial Insignia in your inventory and choose Claim Faction Points to earn 1000 points for completing the patch collections.

The insignias are No Trade and will disappear once the points are claimed.

Collecting Ranks

Fighters in the Galactic Civil War can also collect the ranks of the enemies they slay in Player vs. Player combat. When you defeat a ranked officer, you have a chance to add the rank of your defeated enemy to your collection.

You must collect one of each rank in order to finish the Alliance Officer Rank Collection or the Imperial Officer Rank Collection. Like the patch collections, you will be rewarded with an insignia of the Rebel Alliance or the Empire for defeating your enemies. Insignias earned by completing rank collections bestow 2500 Galactic Civil War points when claimed.

The rank collections and the patch collections are repeatable, and all four can be completed if you switch sides in the Galactic Civil War. The patch and rank collections cannot be finished by slaying factional NPCs; you must defeat your enemies in PvP combat to earn these rewards.

Factional Slayers

New collections for killing factional NPCs are also part of Chapter 9. Slaying a number of factional enemies and elite factional enemies also grants Rebel and Imperial Insignia rewards.

Infiltrating the Bases

Not only can Galactic Civil War combatants participate in slayer collections, fighters storming static enemy bases on Naboo, Talus, and Corellia can also obtain collection items located inside the base.

Once you have infiltrated an enemy base, keep your eyes peeled for a special collection item hidden in the base. These collection items can only be claimed by one person per hour. These collections also reward the participants with Rebel and Imperial insignias that grant 2500 points in the Galactic Civil War.

If you enjoy defending the Empire Galactic Civil War, be sure to take part in these collections!


Following the battle in Restuss, both Imperial and Rebel forces have intensified their efforts to oppose one another. The Empire has identified strategic locations that are important to our operations. Across the Galactic Empire, familiar places like Talus, Naboo and Corellia are now the spot of heated conflict as both sides attempt to control them. They will need reinforcements to maintain their advantage, so do your duty and...

The bases themselves are each unique and are located strategically—so as not to needlessly endanger civilian populations. There has been a special field set up that will only permit those that are members of the Rebel or Imperial factions to enter. Additionally, any Rebel or Imperial that enters the perimeter of the base will be flagged as a special forces member.. Upon leaving, individuals will be able to change duty status via radio (/pvp) or by visiting a factional recruiter. The Rebellion and Empire have also set up base-camps along the perimeters to aid in reinforcement.

Main Base: 1019 0 -1508
Rebel Camp: 530 0 -1454
Imperial Camp: 1510 0 -1558

Main Base: 4772 0 -5233
Rebel Camp: 5292 0 -5618
Imperial Camp: 4252 0 -4946

Main Base: -4938 0 -3107
Rebel Camp: -5114 0 -3494
Imperial Camp: -4801 0 -2693

The Empire and Rebellion have sent some enlisted forces to help defend the bases but they will be no match for a fully armed force of the opposing faction…so approach with caution! The bases are all equipped with multiple Control terminals for research and development (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta). To secure the base for your side you will need to capture all four of these. To do so, you must first fight your way to a terminal. Then, click the terminal to activate it-- this will take some time. It’s important to focus attention on the terminal to override the security and access the systems. If attacked while doing so, you will need to start over. There is no specific order in which the terminals need to captured. Once a terminal is taken, a message will be sent to all factional members in the local area in a wide-band communication. Once a side takes the base, a planetary alert is sent to all active members of both factions by their local command centers. Due to the nature of the control systems on the terminals, when a base is completely taken by a new faction, they must be inactive for 30 seconds before an opposing combatant can alter the codes.

Once we control a base, we will be able to start accessing special supplies.

Holding it long enough, we will have access to the top tier, highest-quality supplies.

Here is a list of the types of items (5 uses) available:

  • Military Stimpack A/B/C/D/E  (+3500/4000/4500/5000/5500 health)
  • Military Adrenaline Injection A/B/C/D/E (+1750/2000/2250/2500/2750 action)
  • Military Dexterity Enhancement A/B/C/D/E- boosts the user's dexterity.
  • Military Pain Numbing Powder A/B/C/D/E (kinetic /energy protection +100/200/300/500/750 - 30 mins)
  • Military Damage Booster Pack A/B/C/D/E (dmg done +50/100/150/200/250 - 3mins)
  • Military Personal Reactive Shield A/B/C/D/E(returns dmg  +100/150/200/250/300 - 30 secs)
  • Military Reactive Stim Injector A/B/C/D/E (+120/240/360/480/600 health - 10 secs)
  • Military Reactive Adrenaline Injector A/B/C/D/E (when dmged +60/120/180/240/300 action - 5 secs)
  • Military Critical Reactive Stim Injector A/B/C/D/E (when incapped +800/1600/ health + defensiv boost - 30 mins)
  • Rallying Banner (10 mins group buff: Jedi=+100strength / Officer=+100precision / Commando=chance to fire additional effect / Spy=+100agility / BH=critical hit +5% /  Medic=+100constitution / smuggler=+100luck)

Characters level 85 to 90 will be able to take part in revamped Imperial content to complete new quests and earn new rewards! As you bravely perform your duties, you will rise quickly through the ranks of the Empire, gaining the notice and respect of the highest ranking Imperial officers. Serve the Emperor with loyalty and you will be well-rewarded for your efforts.

Imperial Scout Trooper Camouflage Armor   

This is a unique type of armor that you can obtain by completing various Imperial Theme Park quests. As the name implies, this suit of armor has a camouflage appearance. The stats are as follows:

  • +15 Constitution, +10 Luck, +20 Precision
  • 6440 Kinetic, 4440 Energy , 5440 Special Protection*
  • Level 80 Required

* Note: Boots, Gloves and Belts do not have armor resistances.

Players who have already completed the Imperial Theme Park have been granted permission by the Galactic Empire to complete new tasks for the high ranking officials of the Empire. Imperial citizens and officers who complete the assignments set before them by the Empire will earn Galactic Civil War points for completing quests and will also obtain a brand new quest reward.

The Empire seeks your assistance in hunting down and eliminating threats to the Empire. You will be called on to thwart the efforts of the Rebel Alliance to recruit sympathizers and reinforce the Empire's position as the ultimate power in the universe. Your services are essential in reaching this objective.

To begin this adventure you must be a member of the Galactic Empire. You can become a member of the Empire by visiting a faction recruiter and declaring your allegiance. You can find an Imperial recruiter on Naboo near the spaceport in Theed at -4928 4228.

Players who complete quests for this theme park will earn GCW points as part of their quest rewards.

High ranking officials and those closest to the Emperor can be found at the Emperor's Retreat on Naboo. Located northwest of Moenia (@ 2410 -3942), this private and heavily guarded retreat serves as a base for the Galactic Empire.

Kaja Or'Zee
The Emperor's Retreat

Imperial citizens and officers wishing to reach the inner sanctum of the Retreat must first begin by speaking with Kaja Or'Zee just inside the building.

Filling the role of the Head Chamberlain, Kaja Or'Zee dutifully serves the Empire. She attends to the Emperor faithfully and remains fiercely loyal to the Galactic Empire.

Kaja sends you to track down an Imperial officer rumored to be aiding the Rebel Alliance. Once you have completed Kaja's directives, speak to Inquisitor Loam Redge in the Emperor's Retreat to continue your work for the Galactic Empire.

1. Imperial Spy - Level 85 [Group]

Kaja Or'Zee: 2407 -3945
The Pilot: 2447, -3898.
Requisitions Terminal: 2401 -3925
Guard Towers:
2551, -3646
2341, -3560
2177, -3695
1907, -4020
2117, -4182
2366, -4096
2537, -3881
Major Barret Herand; ‘a data terminal': 2393 -3914

Reward: 112,160 Experience, GCW Points and Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Left Bicep

2. The Spy's Handler - Level 85 [Group]

'a communication array': 2378 -3981
Rebel Camp: -4891 -6879.
Rebel Intel (‘a datadisk'): -4887, -6871

Reward: 112,160, Imperial Forest Camouglage Armor Right Bicep and GCW points.

Inquisitor Loam Redge
The Emperor's Retreat

Inquisitor Loam Redge is the Chief Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire, charged with extracting information from anyone who dares cross the Emperor. Redge is particularly interested in the tracking and capture of Force sensitives.

Inquisitor Redge sends you to investigate and apprehend a suspected Force sensitive. You must also seek out and defeat any criminals who may be aiding this enemy of the Empire.

After you complete this mission, Inquisitor Redge informs you that a courier with information has gone missing. You must pick up the courier's trail. The Procurator of Justice is waiting for the information the courier was carrying.

3. The Force-senstive Twi'lek - Level 86 [Group]

Inquistor Redge: 2382 -3967
Zalbar Jyvun's Camp: -4611 -2538
The datapad: -4607 -2546
Rebel Camp on Lok: -6075, 5959
Crates of supplies:
-6077 5951
-6063 5944
-6100 5955
-6103 5965
-6113 5957
-6103 5966
The Rebel Commander: -6102 5959
Reward: 116,190 Experience, Imperial Forest Camouglafe Armor Left Bracer and GCW points.

4. Find the Missing Imperial Courier - Level 86 [Group]

Rogan Fel: 6937 -5522
'an Imperial Courier': 6983 -5669
Meeting Location: -3614 -356
Reward: 116,190 Experience, Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Right Bracer and GCW points.

Lord Hethrir
The Emperor's Retreat

As the appointed Procurator of Justice, Lord Hethrir brings justice to criminals of the Galactic Empire. He is most concerned with the heinous crimes committed by the Rebel Alliance and pursues suspected Rebels relentlessly.

The information retrieved from Inquisitor Redge's courier detailed a Rebel operation. Lord Hethir commands you to travel to Talus and help put a stop to the efforts of the Rebellion.

Once you have completed Lord Hethrir's directives, Captain Thrawn awaits to put you to work.

5. Thwarting the Rebels - Level 87 [Group]

Lord Hethrir: 2380 -3952
Rebel Troopers and the Rebel Commando: -2278 2243
Rebel Camps:
4756, 5363
4785, 5433
4706, 5426
4658, 5519
4738, 5558
The Selonian Advocate: 4571 5454
Imperial Operative: 4520 5236
Reward: 120,350 Experience, Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Gloves, GCW Points and an Imperial Medallion of Service.

Captain Thrawn
The Emperor's Retreat

Captain Thrawn, or Mitth'raw'nuruodo in his native Chiss language, rose through the Empire's ranks quickly even though he is not a human. A consummate strategist, Thrawn is one of the most famous and feared Imperial commanders in the fleet, earning even Darth Vader's respect.

Captain Thrawn has learned of a manufacturing shop where Rebel starships are repaired. He orders you to infiltrate the shop. Your mission is to track down any ships and use the situation to the Empire's advantage.

Once you have completed your tasks to Thrawn's satisfaction, Colonel Veers stands ready to issue new orders.

6. Rebel Starships - Level 88 [Group]

Captain Thrawn: 2369 -3922.
Repair Shop's Offices: -3376 3319
'a database server': -3362 3345
Rebel Base: 148 4535
Rebel Starships:
159 4536
159 4523
118 4494
Captain Eirt Astar: 139 4574
Reward: 124,650 Experience and GCW points.

7. Downed Imperial Transport - Level 88 [Group]

Downed Imperial Transport: 0 1989
The datapad: -7 1998
The starship transponder: -3 2019
Major Geg Winthazen: -5300 -2099
Seldair: -5131 -2269
Thieves Bunker: -5491 -2520
Rebel Commando Squad: 7269 110

Reward: 124,650 Experience, Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Helmet, GCW points and a Schematic: Lightweight Military Pack.

Colonel Veers
The Emperor's Retreat

Colonel Maximilian Veers is a loyal Imperial officer who was previously assigned to a post on the Death Star. He and a handful of officers escaped the station's destruction at Yavin, and he now serves the Emperor at his Naboo retreat. Veers commands the ground forces assigned to Lord Vader's Imperial Death Squadron. His skill with controlling AT-AT walkers is legendary among the Empire's troops.

Veers entrusts you with a mission to infiltrate a Rebel command base. You must search for information regarding the destruction of the Death Star.

Once you have completed many tasks for the Empire, you will be rewarded for your efforts with one of the greatest honors any Imperial officer can receive: the opportunity to speak with the formidable Emperor himself.

8. Investigating the Destruction of the Death Star - Level 89 [Group]
Colonel Veers: 2368 -3920
Rebel Base: -3480 -3256
Major Dare Nekor: -3490 -3229
'an information server': -3484 -3230
Pilot #1 (Lok): 3016 -4402.
Pilot #2 (Dathomir): 3456 1378
Pilot #3 (Yavin IV): -6302 -341

Reward: 129,095 Experience and GCW points. 

9. Informant Meetings - Level 89 [Group]
Rebel Informant's Base Entrance: 7009 -3993
Rebel Informant: 6946 -4072
Rebel Officer (First Lieutenant Veris Tarrk): 7022 -4058 

Reward: 129,095 Experience, Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Boots, GCW points and Schematic: Droidsmith's Tool Set.

Emperor Palpatine
The Emperor's Retreat

One of the most cunning and brilliant minds in the galaxy, Emperor Palpatine is a powerful Dark Lord of the Sith and the dictator of the Galactic Empire. Palpatine is the head of the New Order, dedicated to restoring stability to the chaotic galaxy by ruling with an iron fist. The Emperor uses the Force to see his enemies' movements in advance and plans accordingly.

The Emperor asks you to play a part in one such plan involving the Queen of Naboo and the Naboo High Council. The Emperor suspects that the Queen's sympathies lie with the Rebel Alliance. He commands you to use all the skills at your disposal to put the unsuspecting Queen to the test without any blame falling on the Empire.

When you have completed the Emperor's task, he has no further use for you. Speak with Lord Vader to continue your services for the Empire.

10. The Emperor and the Queen, Part I - Level 90 [Group]
The Emperor: 2394 -3958 (Second Floor)
Mercenary Bunker: 3647 7463
Mercenary Leader (Vurrha Jantsk): 3631, 7357 (Bottom Floor)
Rebel Base: 4039 5423
Rebel Datadisk: 4023 5429.
Imperial Operative: 5084 6790
Reward: GCW points and 129,095 experience

11. The Emperor and the Queen, Part II - Level 90 [Group]
Security Experts: -5514 4758
Security Terminal #1: -5531 4758
Security Terminal #2: -5497 4761
The Queen of Naboo: -5532 4779
Reward: GCW points and 129,095 experience

12. The Emperor and the Queen, Part III - Level 90 [Group]
Rebel Datadisk: 3581 7452 (Bottom Floor)
Vurrha Jantsk: 3612 7412
Rebel General (General Jacen Nire): 6898 80

Reward: 129,095 Experience, AT-AT Pilot Survival Suit, Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Leggings and GCW points.

Darth Vader
The Emperor's Retreat

Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, is the scourge of all Jedi in the galaxy. Lord Vader is known throughout the Galactic Empire as the hero who hunted down and destroyed the traitorous Jedi Knights. Vader commands an elite squadron of Star Destroyers headed by his flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Executor. Darth Vader's mission is to pursue and eliminate the Rebel Alliance.

Lord Vader has employed a special agent to notify him of any matters that should be brought to his direct attention. That agent has informed him of a Rebel courier destined for Naboo who is carrying a message vital to the Rebellion. Darth Vader orders you to find that courier, retrieve whatever he carries, and destroy him.

13. Darth Vader's Inquiries, Part I - Level 90 [Group]
Darth Vader: 2387 -3888
Rebel Courier: -4966 -2394
Death Watch Bunker: -4659 4317
Mara Jade: -4693 4268
Ahnyx Pollard: 4425 -5064
Reward: GCW points and 129,095 experience

14. Darth Vader's Insquiries, Part II - Level 90 [Group]
Rebel Leader #1 (Captain Demaia Maru): 589 4654
Rebel Leader #2 (Major Osto Elrad): -6275 5360 (Inside the Base)
Debris from the Death Star: 5509 -534
Dark Jedi Leader (Magus Jocle): 5192 510
Reward: GCW points and 129,095 Experience

15. Darth Vader's Inquiries, Part III
The Force Crystal: -934 6151
Ben Kenobi's Hut: -4499 -2269

Reward: 129,095 Experience, Imperial Forest Camouflage Armor Chest Plate, GCW points, Tie Pilot Survival Suit and Badge: Imperial Badge of Merit.

HOW TO Earn GCW Points?

  • By killing Rebels in Restuss (PVP Battlefield)
  • By defending or turning the static GCW Bases (Naboo, Corellia, Talus)
  • By defending/attacking the Cities of Bestine, Keren and Dearic (PVE with PVP option Battlefield)
  • By doing Galactic Civil War PVE/PVP collections/token system
  • By defending a City, Planet or Space Sector of your choice
  • By fighting in the instanced PVP Battlefields
  • By killing Rebels and Rebel ships (PVP/PVE)
  • By destroying player GCW bases. The destruction rewards a GCW point value based on the planetary control value of the base at the time it is destroyed.
  • Enemy



    Point Limits

    Imperial and Rebel NPCs 86% of your level and above.


    3 points


    Imperial and Rebel Elite NPCs.


    12 points


    Imperial and Rebel Elite NPC Bosses.


    50 Points


    Imperial and Rebel players 70% of your level and above.


    Each player can earn points depending on how much damage was done to the target by each player.

    The total amount of possible points that can be scored each day depends on your rank.

    Imperial and Rebel NPC pilots.


    6 points per tier

    The total amount of possible points is modified by the difference in pilot tiers.

    Imperial and Rebel Player pilots.


    Point scores are based on combined ranks.

    PvP kills will earn GCW points when:

    Your Tier     
    Tier 1
    Tier 2
    Tier 3
    Tier 4
    Tier 5

    Enemy Tier
    = 1+
    = 1+
    = 2+
    = 3+

    = 3+