The Secrets of Reverse Engineering: How to make 3 x 35 stat SEAs

Who can Reverse Engineer (RE)?

Domestics Traders make Clothing/Shirt Attachments and PUPs
Munitions Traders make Armour/Breastplate Attachments and PUPs
Engineers make Weapon Attachments and PUPs
Structures Traders/Shippies can't do RE.

What you need

  • A crafter with the proper RE expertise
  • A suit with high luck & RE stats
  • RE chance pups
  • A +10 point Reverse Engineering tool
  • A quality maxed Weapon/Droid crafting station 
  • Single or double stated items (preferably with +25 stat, but at least +23)
  • Triple stated items for the final 3rd oder bits
  • Lots and lots of junk (to make the modifier bits)
  • Crates of crafted items (e.g. crates of armor gloves) to force your starting bit up to +35

Luck has been confirmed that it is just as important as "RE chance" mods. So it is best to stack as much as possible:

+35 helm
+35 cheastplate
+35 leggins
+35 belt
+35 boots
+35 shirt
+35 gloves
+35 bracers
+35 biceps
+35 weapon

= 350

+160 - Heroism Jewelry or at least (125 = +50 2x bracelets/+50 2x rings/+25 1x necklace)
+090 - Base cl 90
+110 - Cybernetic Deconstruction Arm
+077 - (Bandolier/backpack)

= 437

+150 - Entertainer buff
+050 - Spice (not craftable anymore)
+075 - Fizz Pudding (food)
+045 - Lucky Trinket (CL50 - Lucky Keepsake +30 Luck / CL60 - Hopeful Artifact +35 Luck / CL70 - Charmed Artifact +40 Luck / CL80 - Lucky Artifact +45 Luck)
+100 - Cube Crafted Luck Stim (the glowy loot) Styptic Powder v3 [ Stims ]
       1. Faintly Glowing Distress Beacon 2. Dimly Glowing Spray Bottle 3. Dimly Glowing Device
       1. Faintly Glowing Impulse Scanner 2. Dimly Glowing Battery 3. Dimly Glowing Liquid
       +080 - Styptic Powder v2 [ Stims ]
       1. Faintly Glowing Brazier 2. Faintly Glowing Slave Collar 3. Dimly Glowing Pair of Binoculars
       1. Faintly Glowing Ambush Detector 2. Faintly Glowing Homing Beacon 3. Dimly Glowing Spray Bottle

= 420

+200 Shard Of Retaliation
+160 Cooling Spray Stim (Looted from Kubaza Beetle Foreman)
+100 GCW banner
+50  Smuggler Buff (Smugglers with the Off the Books expertise can share a Luck buff with their group members. You must be grouped with the Smuggler when he calls the Junk Dealer. When the Junk Dealer departs, your buff will begin)

= 510

=max 1717 luck 

Overall Luck should be at least +1000 and overall RE should be at least +140

How do I make an RE Suit?

Because the biggest contribution to additional RE Chance comes from powerups the trick is in getting the best pups you can. If you have taken all the relevent RE expertise boxes and you are CL 90 then you start with 110 RE Chance.  The max RE you can get from SEAs is +12 (+3 RE attachment +1 RE crafting powerbit = +4 RE on each of a Shirt Attachment, a Breastplate Attachment and a Weapon Attachment). This would take your RE Chance to 122. Then you need to get the biggest pups you can afford. Once again you're going to need the help of a Munitions Trader and an Engineer.

How does the RE system work?

RE tool: You RE junk and statted items in an RE Tool to make power bits and modifier bits. You then put a power bit and a modifier bit into an RE Tool and choose "Create a Skill Enhancing Attachment" or "Create a Power Up" and out pops an attachment or power up.

Power bits: These determine the value of the final SEA (Skill Enhancing Attachment) or PUP (Power Up). They are produced by dropping a statted item into an RE Tool and selecting the "Reverse Engineer" option from the tool's radial menu. The Power Bit might come out higher due to the RE/Luck boost. Power Bits come in 3 different forms, 1st Order, 2nd Order or 3rd Order. This determines whether the bit can be used to make a multi-stat SEA. 1st order power bits are used to add the 1st stat to an SEA. 2nd order are used to add a 2nd stat to an SEA and 3rd Order are used to add the final stat to a 3 stat SEA.
The "order" is determined by the number of stats on the RE item and your "RE Chance" attribute. If you want a 3rd order power bit then you should RE the original item with another 3 or 4 stats (might be even low stats) looted item, it doesn't matter. A 2nd Order power bits can be used as 1st order power bits.

Modifier Bits: These are produced by putting 2 items of junk loot into an RE tool and selecting "Reverse Engineer" from the radial menu. The type of Modifier Bit you get out depends on the combination you put in. These bits have 2 properties, the modifier type (eg Precision, Luck, Light Saber Action Cost, RE Chance) and a Power Ratio.
The Power Ratio is used to calculate the final value of the SEA or PUP. The calculation is like this:
Power Bit/Power Ratio = Final Value
Modifiers with a Power Ratio of anything other than 1 are considered to be "specials". Specials can only go on Shirts, Breastplates or Weapons. So if you make an SEA with, say, 1-H Light Saber Action Cost it will come out as a shirt or breastplate attachment and not as a clothing or armour attachment.

How do I make a 3 stats attachment?

To make a 3 stats attachment you need 3 power bits (1st, 2nd and 3rd order) and 3 different modifier bits (the system won't let you add 2 mods of the same type to an SEA). You then follow this process:

1. Put the 1st Order Power Bit and a Modifier Bit into the RE Tool and select "Create a Skill Enhancing Attachment" from the radial menu;
2. Take the SEA you made in step 1 and put it in the RE Tool with the 2nd Order Power Bit and a Modifier Bit and select "Create a Skill Enhancing Attachment" from the radial menu;
3. Take the SEA you made in step 2 and put it in the RE Tool with the 3rd Order Power Bit and a Modifier Bit and select "Create a Skill Enhancing Attachment" from the radial menu.

If you want to make an attachment with a "special" mod on it then the special mod must be the first one you put in. This will give you a Shirt Attachment or Breastplate Attachment onto which you can put other mods (either special mods or standard mods - you can mix and match them).

"3rd order power bit". You need to have a looted item with 3 or more stats on it, a modifierbit and a 35er 2nd. Create an 35er attachment with the bits, and after that put the attachment and the looted item with at least 3 stats on in the RE tool and press reverse engineering --> 35er 3rd oder power bit.

How to make a +35 power bit"

1. Take a looted, stated armor/cloth, put it in the RE tool, RE it and you should get a power bit of that Stat level or higher 
2. Use that power bit + a "normal mod bits" (ie Con, Luck, Stamina, Strength or Precision) to make an SEA
3. Attach the CA to a crafted "socketed" clothing/armor item
4. Put it in the RE tool and RE the item made in step 3
5. Rinse and repeat steps 2 through 4 until you reach +35

You will get a max of a 1 point increase when you RE a crafted item. up to around the +28 mark. From this point on the number of successful iterations drops. Once you hit +28 you will need on average 3-5 iterations to get a single point increase.

You should only change the "order" of your bit once you get to the final value. So if you need a 3rd order +35 you shouldn't worry about the order until you get to +35 and then, if it isn't a 3rd order, you should repeat steps 2 to 4 - but at step 4 you add a multistat item to the tool along with the item created in step 3. You must have a high RE Chance for this to be successful - without modded clothing and weapons and a set of powerups you will not be able to force the bit up to +35, in fact you will see a steady decline in power.

  • 1 Single stat item =RE= 1st order power bit
  • 2 Single stat items =RE= 2nd order power bit
  • 1 Double stat item =RE= 2nd order power bit
  • 2 Double stat items =RE= 3rd order power bit
  • 1 Single stat item + 1 Triple stat item =RE= 3rd order bit

No need to waste 3 and 4 stat looted items.

How do I make a Power Up?

PUPs are made in exactly the same way but you can only ever have 1 mod on a power up. To make the PUP add a Modifier Bit and a Power Bit to an RE tool and select "Create Power Up" from the radial menu.

PUPs can only ever be used on shirts, robes, chestplates or weapons.

PUPs are limited use items and the power of the PUP is a multiple of the power of an SEA (anything from around 2.5 to 3.5 of the value you would get with an SEA). S, for example, RE Chance has a Power Ratio of 10. This means that the maximum value you can get on an SEA is +3 (using a +30 power bit). If you make a PUP using the same +30 modifier bit the final value will be anything from +7 to +10 (the maximum ever recorded).

The value of the final PUP is calculated as follows:
[(Power Bit  Value x 2)/ (Modifier Bit Ratio)] x (RE chance/100) x (some sort of luck factor) = Power Up Value.