Star Wars Galaxies: Makeover Edition

Image Design Options

Tired of your character’s appearance? Want to look like your favorite hero? What a new look for the spring? Too tall? Too short? Seek out an entertainer and they can assist you with increased character customization appearance options via the image design session. This week we take a peek at what’s behind the image design process with Ikewe, our Entertainer Senator.

So what do I need to do first?

You’ll need to be grouped with an entertainer so that they can use the /image command or the hotkey to initiate the Image Design session.


So what can I change?

There are a large variety of options depending upon your chosen species. Skin color, markings, fur patterns, horns, lekku, facial structure, body morphology and other cosmetic changes can all be changed to provide additional appearance options beyond what was available to you at character creation.

If you’re uncertain of what changes an Image Designer can make, tell the entertainer in advance. They’ll then be better prepared to discuss the options available to help you achieve that perfect look. Dozens of possible combinations await you.

Have fun with your new look!