Cybernetics in Game Update 12 - 07/31/2009

Game Update 12 brings an exciting and long-awaited innovation to gameplay and character customization: cybernetics. Players can employ this advancement in science to further enhance their effectiveness in battle, as well modifying their appearance.


Defined as a category of biomechanical equipment used to replace body parts, cybernetics enhance the body part they replace by granting protections, skill mods, and special abilities. There are some tradeoffs. For instance, armor cannot be equipped on any part of a cybernetic limb. Further, equipped weapons will prevent special abilities in right arm cybernetics from functioning.

Cybernetic arms can be acquired as quest rewards on Kashyyyk as well as from Engineers, while Cybernetic legs are obtained only from Engineers. Cybernetic Specialists can install or remove any cybernetics for a fee to complete the procedure. Cybernetic Specialists are located on the second floor of major Medical Centers.

Cybernetic Specialists

Are you one of the many fans of Cybernetics? Then Game Update 12 is for you!

As announced at Fan Faire, Engineering Traders will now be able to craft cybernetic arms, hands, torsos, and legs.  A brand new cybernetic to be released in Update 12 is Anakin's cybernetic arm from Attack of the Clones.

Some of the changes and/or additions made so far:

  • Cybernetics can be used in the Socket Retrofit Tool.
    • Cybernetic Arms and Legs will receive 2 Sockets when being retrofitted.
    • Cybernetic Torso and Forearms will receive 1 Socket when being retrofitted.
    • Cybernetic Hands can not be used in the Socket Retrofit Tools since they do not receive sockets.
  • Cybernetic Leg Schematics will accept 2 Armor Cores (optional).
  • Engineers receive XP when crafting Cybernetic Hands.
  • Cybernetic Hand build times have been reduced.
  • There is a checkbox on the Cybernetics UI to switch between Appearance Cybernetics and normal Cybernetics.

 Here is a list of some of the Cybernetics you will find in Game Update 12: 

Cybernetic Doctors, in an effort to prevent cybernetic recipients from suffering from a condition known as Cybernetic Psychosis, have all agreed to a Code of Ethics.  Within this code of ethics lie various standards Cybernetic Doctors must adhere to and will not install cybernetics if you are considered at risk for Cybernetic Psychosis. 
When advancing your character, you will periodically gain resistance to Cybernetic Psychosis.  Resistances are distributed as follows:

  • Player receives 2 Cyber-Psychosis points upon character creation
  • Player receives 2 Cyber-Psychosis points for each Phase Mastery he/she obtains in the profession wheel

Within the Code of Ethics, the Cyber-Psychosis resistance used is based on the risk of installation.

  • Cybernetic Torsos: 6 points
  • Cybernetic Legs: 5 points
  • Full Cybernetic Arms: 3 points
  • Cybernetic Forearms: 2 points
  • Cybernetic Hands: 1 point

Currently, players are unable to exceed these point values, however, the Cybernetic Doctor hints that there were, at one time, what he considered "less than ethical" Doctors that would go above and beyond the code of ethics.

During crafting, Cybernetic Engineers will be able to install Armor Cores into the Cybernetics, giving them armor protection; something that most previous Cybernetics did not have.  They will also be able to install, during crafting, various enhancement modules that improve various stats, such as Health and Action pools, but decreases the armor value of the Armor Cores installed.

Engineers will also be receiving Cybernetic Expertise that will include access to various cybernetic schematics, module schematics, assembly / experimentation increases and the ability to reduce the effects of armor reduction when using the modules in cybernetics. 

If you would like to have a look at these Cybernetics early, you can log in to Test Center now and try them out. If you have already been to Test Center, we encourage you to join the discussion by

clicking here and providing us with your feedback.

Friday Feature - Engineering Trader - 07/17/2009

Calling all Engineers! Calling all Engineers! Game Update 12 is for you!

Update 12 will focus on Engineering Traders, with twelve new droids being added to the repertoire of chassis available to Engineering traders! Don't be left in the dark when it comes to having newest and coolest droids in the galaxy!

As announced at Fan Faire, we're working on giving these traders new droids to craft, including (but not limited to) Magnaguards, Pit Droids, Mark IV Sentry Droids (the little guys seen flying around the Sandtroopers in Special Editions of A New Hope), and Mustafar Mining Droids (the one Anakin flies on over the lava river at the end of Revenge of the Sith). 

Not all droids added in this update will be combat droids. We've identified pretty unique uses for some of these droids that we hope you'll really enjoy.

We also announced that, by popular demand, Engineering Traders will now be able to craft cybernetic arms, hands, torsos, and legs. A brand new cybernetic to be released in Update 12 is Anakin's cybernetic arm from Attack of the Clones.

Droid Engineer

  • New droids craftable by engineers:


Originally designed for work in ore extraction facilities, 8D8 and other members of his series were strong, solid, and simple. At some point, he was modified to serve as a starship maintenance droid. Following EV-9D9's migration to Jabba's Palace's on Tatooine in Cyborg Operations, 8D8 was completely reprogrammed to serve as a dedicated torturer of both droids and organics.

Although Atedeeate had been modified by his former master to perform complex starship repairs, his duties in Jabba's droid pool were menial and degrading. Atedeeate secretly despised his superior EV-9D9, but nevertheless helped her torture and dismantle dozens of helpless droids.

In 22 BBY, Bounty Hunter Zam Wesell used the droid in an attempt to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala, who was residing in a senatorial apartment in a Coruscant skyscraper. The droid cut a hole in the window of Amidala's chamber, and through this hole inserted a canister containing two Kouhuns.
A modified version of the standard lift droid, the CWW8 has had its lifts replaced by heavy blaster cannons. It has also had its armor modified to deflect all but the most accurate or powerful of blasters.
Dwarf Spider Droid
During the Clone Wars, dwarf spider droids were used on the frontlines, in front of platoons of battle droids and other Separatist droids. The dwarf spider droid also worked in conjunction with the larger OG-9 homing spider droid and could operate as an armored scout exploring the battlefields

Though most Separatist war vehicles were deactivated after the end of the Clone Wars, the dwarf spider droids were re-commissioned through Imperial command and used by the Galactic Empire to enforce the submission of former Separatist worlds. They fought against the remnants of the very government that once used them, with the Stormtrooper Corps using the droids as their mechanical attack dogs. They were utilized throughout the Empire's reign, and it was not uncommon to see these droids alongside Stormtroopers at Imperial checkpoints.
INS-444 droids were a common sight in Galactic City on Coruscant, and were favored due to their ability to reach even the tallest buildings on the city-planet. An INS-444 unit nicknamed "Mick" and its counterpart replaced a window pane in Senator Padmé Amidala's apartment in 22 BBY, after Obi-Wan Kenobi smashed through while in pursuit of an ASN-121 assassin droid. These droids saw continued use throughout the Galactic Civil War and beyond.
LIN Demolitionmech Droid
During the Galactic Civil War, the Galactic Empire would also utilize these droids and many were found in civilian employ.

Cybot Galactica stopped the production of the droid after a charge being held by one of the droids detonated in a mine on Gosfambling. 600 miners died of suffocation in the resulting cave-in. While it was found that the fault lay in the charge itself, the bad publicity was enough for them to quietly retire the line, though they were made in large enough numbers to appear across the galaxy, especially in the Outer Rim.

The MagnaGuards were first introduced to Grievous shortly after his transformation into a cyborg. Upon activation, Grievous killed all the MagnaGuards present, venting his frustration at being treated as a droid. MagnaGuards were initially used in combat during the Battle of Parein II 4, where one of Grievous's MagnaGuards killed the Jedi Sannen by thrusting its electrostaff through his throat. The MagnaGuards proved to be formidable, able to take on Jedi and clone troopers with ease, and were regarded by some as being even worse than Droidekas.

Originally, the MagnaGuards were programmed with the optimum in combat techniques. As a result, Grievous had their minds wiped and trained them all individually in the seven classic styles of lightsaber combat. Once they were put to use, Grievous would not allow any repairs to be made to the droids, believing that their numerous scrapes and battle scars made them look more intimidating to opponents.

Grievous would often engage his bodyguards in practice fights as part of training, often damaging them.

Mark IV Sentry Droid
The Mark IV Sentry Droid, also known as the IM4, was a small, multi-purpose sensor droid manufactured by the Imperial Department of Military Research and employed by the Galactic Empire.

Hundreds of Mark IV droids were deployed from Devastator during the Galactic Civil War to scout the planet of Tatooine, where they searched the crowded streets of Mos Eisley in cooperation with Sandtroopers searching for C-3PO and R2-D2.

One such droid interrupted an ASP-series droid assembling what it thought to be an illegal antenna. The ASP droid responded by smashing the Mark IV.
Pit Droid
These saw much use on Tatooine in Watto's Shop and at the Boonta Eve Classic working on podracers, though a handful were also purchased by Aneesa Dym to make repairs to her ship, the Dusty Duck.

During the Boonta Eve Classic of 32 BBY while the racer Ody Mandrell had his pod in a pit-stop, a single DUM-series pit droid was sucked into the engine and thrown out the opposite end of the engine. The droid "survived," (even letting out a cheer of excitement) but Ody's engine did not, costing him the race. Pit droids were also used to scavenge any reusable rubble from podracers that had blown apart. This action could be quite hazardous, as the droids were likely to be destroyed by functional podracers that were still running the course; the low cost of an individual unit made the loss of a single droid worth the risk.

Super Battle Droid
The B2 super battle droid (SBD) was an upgraded version of the B1 battle droid, with superior armament and armor. B2s were used by the Trade Federation, the Techno Union, and later, on a much larger scale, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Galactic Alliance also used some B2 units during the Yuuzhan Vong War. During their first deployment at the Kashyyyk Trade Rebellion, the new B2 designs proved to be a match for the local Wookiee warriors.

Super battle droids saw use throughout the Clone Wars as soldiers for the Confederacy along with their smaller cousins and the dreaded Droidekas. Though the first B2s seen on Geonosis wore an unpainted dull silver tone, many of the droids used in later battles of the Clone Wars were painted dark blue, likely to differentiate them from the red coloration the Confederacy used for its standard battle droids, or perhaps due to varying manufacturers.

Some Super Battle Droids were used as scouts to observe the plains of Geonosis, mostly because of their brute strength and their ability to destroy modest ground targets. This pleased many of the local Geonosians affiliated with the C.I.S., thus sometimes using the B2s as "spire guards."

Union Sentry Droid
The Union Sentry Droid (USD) was first seen in the game at Mustafar as a level 89 Elite Boss outside of the Old Research Facility (POI).

Guardian Mark II Droid
The Guardian Mark II Droid is a variation of the GV/3 Guardian Droid made by Cybot Galactica who were famous for their protocol units. The original droid was designed from the earliest concept sketches to be the ultimate protector, companion, and friend.

Four-legged domesticated guard animals are common on countless inhabited planets. The Guardian's similarity to these creatures is no accident.


  • New combat modules and combat commands for droids:
    • Flame Jet (cone fire attack)
    • Electrical Shock (single target attack)
    • Droideka Shield (damage reduction buff)
    • Torturous Needle (single target attack)
    • Regenerative Plating (droid self repair)
    • Battery Dump (AOE electrical attack)

Corellia Droid Dungeon

  • A new quest series for players around level 50. In this quest you get to investigate the underground Droid factory and help Corsec end the droid threat. If you've completed the last of the legacy quests, talk to Agent Taarna in Nashal to start the new quests.

Chapter Gift

  • Everyone will receive a Hologram of Jedi Knight Skywalker's Cybernetic Arm when they log in once the Game Update is live.


The New Essential Guide to Droids
    • Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Droids is a 224-page reference book published by Del Rey, the twelfth book in the Essential Guide series. It was written by Daniel Wallace, and illustrated by Ian Fullwood. It was released June 27, 2006.

Cybernetic Forearm Style 4

Cybernetic Legs Style

Cybernetic Legs Style

Cybernetic Torso Style 3

Cybernetic Torso Style 3

Cybernetic Arm Style 3

Cybernetic Forearm Style 3

Cybernetic Legs Style 2

Cybernetic Torso Style 2

Cybernetic Arm Style 2

Cybernetic forearm Style 2

Cybernetic Hand Style 2

Cybernetic Legs Style 1

Cybernetic Torso Style 1

Cybernetic Torso Style 1

Cybernetic Arm Right Style 1

Cybernetic Forearm Style 1

Cybernetic Hand

Anakin Skywalker Replica Cybernetic Forearm

Name City Planet Waypoint
Aboo Aramflahad Coronet Corellia /wp -116 -4440
Doctor Nssktkslis Mos Entha Tatooine /wp 1296 3289
Mindt F'abul Theed Naboo /wp -4997 4145